The scoop on Dr. Lek

The spring of 1987. A young dentist with a promising career decides to drop everything in order to pursue a sweet childhood dream. The determined doctor recruits a childhood friend to join him, and in a small rented backroom in Jaffa they spend every day stirring, sweetening and freezing fresh ice cream.

Soon word spreads and crowds form outside the small store. People from all over the country – and even some from abroad – line up to taste the best ice cream in Israel.

What distinguished these ice creams and sorbets from others on the market was the doctor’s insistence on using only fresh fruits without the addition of any artificial flavors or coloring.

The ice creams were a refreshing novelty on the local scene. Milk, cream, and quality natural ingredients replaced the color and flavor extracts that had, until then, been the norm in Israel. Dates and mangos were chopped finely with a chef’s knife; walnuts were sprinkled liberally; choice fresh coffee beans was roasted and ground; and fine Belgian and Italian chocolate were melted into the batches. Bourbon Vanilla pods from Madagascar and Tahiti were used to produce an authentic vanilla flavor unknown to Israel.

Today there are branches of Dr. Lek crisscrossing the country and in all of them you can indulge in a variety of ice creams, sorbets and delectable desserts.

If you love ice cream and want to have your own ice cream parlor, you are invited to join our family. Contact us if you have found an outlet or are seeking one, and maybe you will become the next new franchise owner of the doctor’s irresistible ice creams.

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Office: 03-9615613